Exploring the overlooked stories and perspectives of everyday objects

BFA Communication Design Thesis Project

How does a house key see the world? Or a dryer sheet? While perceived as inanimate and lacking self-awareness, these objects are constantly interacting with human beings and other objects. How can we reconsider our assumptions about their agency and selfhood, and the subjective experiences of such everyday objects?

(In)Animate Objects is an exploration of the overlooked stories and perspectives of everyday objects. Through a series of zines, each telling a speculative story of a different object– a house key, a dryer sheet, an umbrella, a fork, and a jar–the project considers how our presence shapes the experiences and memories of these objects instead of viewing objects as merely functional tools that shape our own lives. 

Each object is represented by a unique graphic and typographic style that conveys its individual personality and experiences. With the intentional visual and written narratives, (In)Animate Objects takes a step back and looks at the world through the lens of everyday objects, posing questions as to their relationships, thoughts, and desires. By shifting the focus from ourselves to these objects, (In)Animate Objects celebrates the complexity and inherent value of the seemingly mundane and encourages its audience to interact with ubiquitous objects with mindfulness and appreciation.