Visualizing insights on digital experiences for teens and guardians

Internship @ Smart Design

Client: Meta/TTC Labs

Team: Jamie Munger, Katherine Eisenberg, Yodai Yasunaga, Gina Lee

Role: Visual Design

I interned as a visual designer at Smart Design over Summer 2022, where I worked on a report published in partnership with Meta and TTC Labs, communicating co-design research findings and insights that were used in the development of Meta’s family-oriented tools and resources.  

My impact

  • Collaborated with the client, strategists, and another visual designer to develop a cohesive layout and design that enhanced readability and accessibility of the report

  • Transformed study findings into illustrations and graphics, effectively communicating complex information and research insights

About the report

Smart Design partnered with Meta and TTC Labs to bring together teens, guardians, academics, policymakers, and civil society to uncover relevant insights and considerations. These insights were used in the development of family-oriented tools and resources, including Meta’s Family Center and the education hub.

This report shares learnings from this initiative, including ways in which they applied these learnings in the development of teen- and guardian-focussed tools and features at Meta, as well as future-facing design considerations for industry app designers. The insights in the report are published to share openly with the broader community of expertise around age-appropriate design.